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Recent Bookings


Rush Hour


Catch Sarah J Eagen as “Carol” in episode 1.3 “Captain Cole’s Playlist” of the new show Rush Hour!


Magic for Muggles


Check out Sarah’s fun new webseries, Magic for Muggles! Featuring Hermione from the Harry Potter universe working to bridge the gap between the magical and nonmagical world.


My Crazy Ex


Sarah starred in episode 2.6 “Psychotic, Neurotic, & Auto Erotic” of Lifetime’s My Crazy Ex, which originally aired in Feb 2016.

breakout poster

Breakout: The Rock Opera


This feature musical, choreographed by Sarah, will be premiering at the famous Chinese Theatre in Hollywood on June 3rd as part of Dances With Films!

Things that are Inspiring Me:

off camera

Off Camera with Sam Jones


Incredible industry interviews with some of today’s biggest names! Great insights into how they got started in the industry, what has kept them on their journey, and more. So great!

big magic

Big Magic


This phenomenal book by Elizabeth Gilbert challenges you to own your creativity, treat inspiration with respect, give yourself the gift of disciplined pursuit of the thing you love, and more. A truly inspiring read!


Casting About


This online resource is a wonderful one-stop shop to see what is currently casting, and by whom! Learn which projects are on hiatus, on hold, casting, or cancelled, or search by casting director to see all of the projects different individuals/offices are working on. A great way for an actor to be in-the-know 🙂


Self Management for Actors


The latest version of Bonnie Gillespie’s fabulous resource to help empower actors and other industry professionals! Chalk full of the latest trends and good things you need to know to take charge of your own career.


Ms. in the Biz


A collection of resources and articles from some fabulous mover-and-shaker women in the industry!




An entertaining and informative podcast from screenwriters John August (Big Fish, Charlie’s Angels) and Craig Mazin (Identity Theft, The Hangover II) where they discuss all things screenwriting-related. A great listen!


The War of Art


This short little gem by Steven Pressfield is an engaging book that explores overcoming the enemy of creation: Resistance. 


Making It


Actress Riki Lindhome interviews successful Actors, Writers, Directors, Comedians, Producers, and MORE about their journey to “Making It.” The conversations are always funny, intriguing, inspiring, and incredibly insightful! I absolutely love this podcast 🙂

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